Sphero vs. Ozobot

You can program a Sphero in 3 different ways, by driving it,  block coding, and javasrcipt. A way of coding an ozobot is to use the ozobot markers (if provided) They come in the following colors: Black, Green, Blue, and Red. I think ozobots are better for school experiments because their really fun and cool to experiment with.  I like ozobots better than speheros because its fun and not as advance.


  1. Wish: I wish you would have made it a bit longer. Star: I like how you said to use Ozobot markers if provided. Wonder: I wonder why you didn’t say what school subject they are good for.

  2. Jade i like how you listed all the ways to program. I wish you would have talked a little more. I
    wonder if you new all this when we first used them.

  3. Jade, I like how detailed you were on the different ways to use Ozobots. I wish you would have included more information on Spheros though. I wonder if you would like to challenge yourself and learn more about how the Spheros work, because they can be fun as well.

  4. Star:I like how you listed the information neatly.
    Wish:I wish you wouldn’t have put a coma after “block coding”.
    Wonder:I wonder why you put a coma after “block coding”.

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